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Neighbor Kids Wanting to Play Are at the Wrong House

Occurred on March 20, 2022 / Mitchellville, Iowa, USA

Info from Licensor: We were at home on a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon when our doorbell rang. I answered the door to two young kids stating that "he is our 'fweind'" and that they wanted him to come out and play. I tried to explain that my only son living at home was 21 years old, and they didn't believe me and said "can you go get him?" all while trying to come into the house. Not only did they not believe me that my son was 21, but I think they told me to stop playing! Well, I went and got him and boy were they surprised to see my 6'4, 280 pound son walk into the living room. The look on their faces was priceless. They both had bewildered looks and turned around and high-tailed it out of there, giggling all the way down the sidewalk realizing that they DID indeed have the wrong house.
Location Mitchellville, Iowa, USA
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Posted By Trisha Richey
Posted On Apr-7-2022