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Kittens Found During Car Inspection

Occurred on May 13, 2022 / Singapore

Info from Licensor: "It was a secondhand car my mom's company, Pure Motors Pte Ltd, was selling and we would bring the cars for inspection at the workshop every time a buyer wants to purchase any cars. Little did we know, one of the workers saw a little hand sticking out of the bottom of the car and told my mom there's a rat in the car but then she used a touch light to check it she realized it was a kitten as our family (my mom and I) raised our cat since they were little kittens a few years ago. Hence we asked the workers to take the bottom part of the car down so we could get the kitten out and she took videos and photos and sent them to me. We thought there was only one kitten, but when they removed the bottom part of the car there were 5 kittens falling down while we were thinking there was just one. We didn’t know there were too many of them, but they are all healthy and safe, so that's more important than anything else. We ended up saving 5 of them but we couldn't find their mom, so we decided to adopt them. We have been fostering all 5 for almost a week now (one was adopted a day after we took it home) so 4 left and a few more are going to their owners in a few days' time."
Location singapore
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Posted By Natasha Lee
Posted On May-18-2022