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Friendly Fox Gets a Hand-Fed Treat

Occurred on June 27, 2020 / North Shields

Info from Licensor: "Last week when I got home from work, I found 3 fox cubs playing in my back garden. They have been visiting ever since and have taken really taken to me. We have built up so much trust that now, when I go in to the garden, they run over to me and sit patiently waiting for me to feed them. They have lunch and treats every day! I find it amazing and surreal to see nature so close up and feel I have built an amazing bond with them. I hope I get to see them grow and meet their offspring. My children and wife are also really enjoying their company and they can also hand feed the little Foxes. People from the estate are amazed and have visited to see them in their natural habitat."

Location North Shields
Occurred not known
Posted By Gary Nelson
Posted On Jun-29-2020


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