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Curious Mountain Lion Looking Into House

Occurred on April 27, 2021 / Santa Cruz, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "A mountain lion visited our house at 9:30 pm. We heard our driveway doorbell ding and thought it was the neighbor's dog. My husband Patrick went to say hi and flashed a light across two big yellow eyes. To his surprise, it was a mountain lion! We just moved to the Santa Cruz mountains in July 2020 so this was our first encounter with one. The lion walked around our house to the back which is a super long deck. He comes running in shouting 'there's a mountain lion outside.' We started running around the inside of the house looking out windows to find him. Eventually, I saw him and started filming. The sound at the first part of the video is me shouting 'He's over here!' Many folks think it looks like he is watching our TV but we actually think he was checking out our cat Charles that was warming himself in front of the woodstove. We shared the videos with our neighbors and so many are jealous of our experience. We're so lucky to have been face to face with a mountain lion, but I don't want to break my luck by doing it again. The lion doesn't have a tag he's not currently being tracked. And since the devastating fire last summer, many think he was so close to humans due to habitat loss."

Location Santa Cruz, California, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Danielle Glaser
Posted On May-4-2021