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Rescuing and Reviving a Cormorant

Occurred on January 3, 2023 / Huelva, Spain

Info from Licensor: "I was on the beach just below my house with my partner and my dog ​​and there was no one else around since it was a winter day. I was filming my dog ​​when she suddenly looked to the side and started barking. I saw something far away that was moving but from afar I did not know exactly what it was. I took advantage of the fact that I had the phone in my hand to film what I was finding and then I could show it to my girlfriend who was asleep on the towel. When I arrived I found a bird and it was suffocated by the pressure that plastic was making on its throat. Then I called my girlfriend and between the two of us we tried to revive her, finally, we stopped recording to focus on her recovery and the bird took flight and it fell far into the sea, we barely saw it and it got further and further away until we lost sight of it, we want to think that if it was saved, but we don't know exactly."

Location Huelva, Spain
Occurred not known
Posted On Jan-19-2023