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Cat's Face Gets Sucked Up in Vacuum

Occurred on April 23, 2022 /

Info from Licensor: "Luna is a very curious and explorative cat, and she's actually 100% deaf. Because of this, she isn't scared of vacuum cleaners like most cats. Every time I vacuum, she's immensely intrigued by the vacuum cleaner and usually has to attack it in some way or have a play with it. I imagine it must be a pretty weird feeling when you can't hear anything! I was just taking the couch apart to hoover the cushions and when I turned around she was pawing at the nozzle, that's when I started recording. I wasn't expecting it to stick her face in there, maybe just a paw or tail! I was a bit shocked when it stuck to her face, I did feel really bad but found it hilarious at the same time. She's absolutely fine now and it doesn't seem to have phased her at all as she still looks to try and attack the vacuum cleaner even now!"
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Posted On Jul-29-2022