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Car Bursts into Flames Shortly After Parent and Baby Were Rescued

Occurred on June 25, 2018 / Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "My routine drive to work was anything but routine today. While approaching the Burlington Skyway Bridge heading East Niagara bound on the QEW, I noticed a West Toronto bound vehicle about 100-feet in front of me collide then ride the top of the cement divider. Expecting it was going to hit oncoming traffic, I immediately changed to the center lane just at the car collided with a light post, fell on its side and caught fire. About six of us bystanders immediately ran to the car, kicked in the sunroof to remove the trapped occupant. The occupant then started screaming for their baby who was in the back seat. They kicked in the back window and pull the toddler out safely. Everything happened in less than 1-minute and it was so good to see everyone out safely moments before the car erupted in flames. There were truly some heroes there today and they have my biggest applause. Nice work gentlemen. With everyone safe and nothing else left to do, I ran back to my car, grabbed my phone and started filming."
Location Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Occurred Jun-25-2018
Posted By Jeff Varcoe
Posted On Jul-2-2018


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