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Moose Family in My Backyard

Occurred on December 1, 2015 / Sweden

Info from Licensor: "Moose kept coming to my garden every year. My house is a rebuilt old barn and we have even tried to cut the wild Appletree so it won't bear fruit without success. I've been caught in the house or in my car several times, not daring to pass the moose. I had a big Romanian Sheepdog and that would upset them even more. At night, we almost bumped in to the moose mother defending her "little" ones. That time we hid at the neighbors house for about an hour. They lay all night outside my door so I can't get out. I love the moose and I just have to accept them coming with new generation calves every year."

Location Sweden
Occurred Dec-1-2015
Posted On Sep-21-2016