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Watch Out For Snakes When Mushroom Hunting!

My friend Patrick Harvey and I were hunting morel mushrooms in south east Missouri. We were doing pretty good on the shady side of a ridge then went to the sunny side. After finding a few deliciosa morels on that side I saw one and bent over and started to reach down to harvest it when I saw a pattern I kind of recognized. it was the pattern of a Timber rattle snake. I had my hand within 6" of that snakes head. Yea I freaked but kept a cool head and slowly backed up. Seeing that the snake was barely breathing and lethargic. Rough guess I place the snake at about 5ft in length. I took a couple photo's of it and so did my friend Pat. Then I took some video of it. Very cook capture. Never heard of anyone ever getting a picture of a snake next to let alone a poisonous snake next to a morel mushroom. Very cool. About 15 minutes later my friend Pat almost stepped on another even bigger Rattler. What a wild and eventful day out in the woods "moreling".
Location Missouri
Occurred not known
Posted By David Norton
Posted On Apr-29-2015