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So That Didn't Work...

Occurred on January 10, 2023 / USA

Info from Licensor: "He went to feed the dogs and the road suddenly turned unto a mud pit, so the truck got stuck. Then he tried to pull it out with the tractor, but it wasn't strong enough, so he went to get the dozer. After going to another part of the ranch to get the dozer and bringing it all the way to the truck to pull it out, another spot in the road turned into mud and the dozer got stuck. We got the truck out after two tries using a skid steer that was also on the ranch, but the skid steer wasn't strong enough to get the dozer free. The next day, a professional came to the ranch to do some repair and he said he would try to pull the dozer out with his excavator. On the way there, ANOTHER spot in the road turned into mud and the excavator got stuck. The skid steer and the excavator were able to work together to get the excavator out, but the excavator still wasn't strong enough to pull out the dozer even with the help of the skid steer. Later, after all of the failed attempts, he hopped back onto the tractor to dig a drainage trench so the water would flow away better and the dozer wouldn't sink deeper. Inevitably, the tractor also got stuck and was rescued by creating an anchor on a nearby tree and pulling it out with the skid steer. The dozer is still in the mud.

Credit: @nhugaboom."

Location USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Nicole Hugaboom
Posted On Jan-17-2023