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Shih Tzu Runs into Water Chasing Ducks

Occurred on August 12, 2022 / Torres Farm, Philippines

Info from Licensor: We went to Torres farm for dinner Aug 12 around 430 pm in the afternoon. While my partner was ordering meals we decided to walk outside. I was holding PengPeng and Kenken (my Shih Tzu) while walking and taking videos of them when suddenly Peng saw ducks and instantly she ran. I accidentally unleash her and that's when I started shouting to Jessa (friend) so she can catch Peng. But those were what happened. She ran so fast to swim to catch the ducks. Finally, Jessa catches her as she attempts to swim again, we end up asking for liquid detergents from restaurants so we could give her a bath.

Location Torres Farm, Philippines
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Aug-15-2022