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String Tied Goose Freed by Good Samaritans

Occurred on August 10, 2021 / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Info from Licensor: I was going for a walk in the park one afternoon with my 2 year old son and we noticed this goose whose feet were tied by some kind of string. I knew I couldn’t leave him like that, so I called the closest family member available to bring scissors or something to cut and a blanket so we can capture the bird. My son and I followed the bird until help came. Then we lured the bird with some food and captured him with the blanket and was able to cut all the string off his feet. Immediately we were able to see the difference in the way the bird was walking. The string was so tight, it would have eventually left permanent damage or even cause amputation. The string was around both ankles and even around one of his little toes.
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jennifer Fox
Posted On Aug-24-2021