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Fence Interrupts Spring Bison Migration

Occurred on May 31, 2020 / Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA

Info from Licensor: "My husband and I were on a Sunday afternoon drive in my home state of Wyoming. We had just exited the gates for Grand Teton National Park and were driving back to Jackson Hole when we found ourselves in the middle of a bison migration. There were hundreds of Bison, many with their calves crossing from one meadow to another, they crossed the road in front of us. I was fortunate to capture two bison gracefully jumping a fence with their babies in tow. In all my years of living in Wyoming, I haven’t ever witnessed a bison jump. The Grand Teton in the background made the moment even more spectacular. Timing is everything, the perfect way to end a great day."
Location Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA
Occurred May-31-2020
Posted By Penny Jensen
Posted On Jun-11-2020


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