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Road Rage in Southern California

The Subaru came from behind at around 100mph in moderate morning traffic. He cut from the fast lane to the slow lane and got trapped behind this Lexus. Subaru was honking and tailgating for a mile or two. Lexus remained calm with the Subaru behind him and maintained a slow but constant speed. Lexus never brake checked Subaru. Subaru then passes Lexus on the shoulder. 0:02 rolls down window and throws something at Lexus. Once in front of the Lexus he starts brake checking him. The Lexus came close to crashing into him twice. The Subaru threw a couple of bottles at him later at the interchange and they both went on their merry ways on different freeways.
Location Southern California, 134 Freeway Westbound at 2 Freeway interchange
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Posted By Conrad serrano
Posted On Mar-6-2015


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