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Couple Rescues a Baby Owl That Had Fallen out of its Hollow

Occurred on April 21, 2022 / Fort Madison, Iowa, USA

Info from Licensor: I was on a run at a local park when I saw 2 huge, adorable eyes staring at me from the base of a tree. It was a baby owl that had fallen out of its hollow. I called the local DNR for advice and was told he should be put back if possible. My husband showed up, and since we didn’t have a ladder and couldn’t climb the tree, we propped a picnic table against the base of the tree instead. Andrea picked up the owlet and placed it on a large branch we’d found. I stood on the picnic table with the branch and lifted the owlet up while Andrea kept the picnic table from falling. The baby owl hopped back into its hollow and was reunited with its 2 siblings.
Location Fort Madison, Iowa, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Denise Turrisi
Posted On Apr-27-2022