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Speeding Car Choose Head-on Collision over Pedestrians

Occurred on March 3, 2021 / St. Petersburg, Russia

Info from Licensor: "The accident happened on Oktyabrskaya emb. 40. At the traffic lights, the red light turned on for the drivers, and I stopped. Pedestrians began to cross the road. The other driver, who was blinded by the sun, did not see the traffic lights and walking pedestrians. At the last moment, he saw a child with his mother and was forced to avoid a collision with them into the oncoming lane. As a result, he flew into my car. In this incident, none of the people were injured. Only 2 cars were damaged (the car of the culprit and mine)."

Location St. Petersburg, Russia
Occurred Mar-3-2021
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Mar-5-2021