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Big Spider Spins Web on Passenger Side

Occurred on September 1, 2022 / Sandnes, Norway

Info from Licensor: "I parked my car the night before and it only stood there for 1 day. I stood up the next morning, ready to head to my music studio. I walked to my car and opened the door, and saw an enormous (for Norwegian conditions) spider and its web, it was so shocking how it was possible to make such a big web in so short amount of time. I took my phone out and recorded the whole scenario. I tried to take it away, but it went under my seat. So I closed the door and got myself on an e-scooter to my parents. Later on, I went back to the car, with every skin of my body covered and drove to a gas station to vacuum it out. I was sure that it got sucked out. I was peeking the whole car trip down if it would get out, after 10 min. drive and lots of kickdowns with my tesla, I saw it crumbling out of under my seat in the middle of the highway, I stopped the car on the right, and that is the end!"

Location Sandnes, Norway
Occurred not known
Posted By Labinot Ramaj
Posted On Sep-7-2022


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