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Fresh Take On Ice Fishing

Occurred in February, 2021 / Salida, Colorado, USA

Info from Licensor: "After fishing for hours in the cold early February on the Arkansas river I traded kid duties with Cade so he could fish by himself too. I was taking the kids back to the truck when we heard yelling. Thinking Cade had hooked up on a large trout we ran back around the river bend to see him sailing down the river on an enormous sheet of ice. Cade had seen a large ice sheet, over 6 inches thick, start to come loose and kicked it from shore. He jumped aboard and rode it to a group of boulders where it cracked in half. He jumped onto the larger half and rode it slowly downriver back to the truck casting in every hole searching for trout. He didn’t catch any fish this time but made some great memories with the family. The water was very slow-moving from winter flows, and the river was shallow, we knew Dad was safe and we kicked back on the shore to watch him float for 5 minutes. Our little kids thought it was hilarious and I have a newfound appreciation for Cade’s now-legendary balance."
Location Salida, Colorado, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Morgan Peirce
Posted On Apr-12-2021


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