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Man's Trash Takes Him Out

Occurred on March 16, 2023 / Stockport, UK

Info from Licensor: "My Dad had taken his grandchildren out to Knowsley Safari Park for the day because of the teacher strikes in the UK. On his return, after dropping them off, he cleaned the car out and started putting all the rubbish in the bins. As he tried to compress the rubbish in the blue bin (paper), the lid slammed shut, hitting his nose hard and causing it to bleed. He sent me a photo of his nose and I asked him, 'Aren’t your bins at the side of the house where your ring doorbell is?' He said yes and I said get on there and send me the footage, I want a good laugh. He sent it to me and I shared it with friends and family who all found it hilarious."

Location Stockport, UK
Occurred not known
Posted By Anthony Dunn
Posted On Mar-18-2023