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Crab Caught By Octopus Dragged Underwater

Occurred on February 18, 2015 / Yallingup, Western Australia

Info from Licensor: "The best part about this video is that there was no purpose for it, it just happened so randomly. My sister Chardae and I had taken our mum away for her 60th. We were up early exploring a protected cove in Yallingup when the brightly colored crab caught my eye. I have a keen interest in sea life and have been working in my dad’s family business, Burswood Seafood, for years now. I’ve always got my camera out taking photos of interesting things but this time I decided to capture a video. Trying to steady my footing, I edged closer to the crab, and was totally surprised to witness the octopus clean it up right in front of me! Like an alien creature! I had no idea they could launch out of the water like that. Astonished, I called out to my sister who quickly clambered over. She missed the action but was keen to see the footage. I’m grateful to have been filming as I’m sure no-one would have believed me without it! It was just a very unexpected moment, perfectly timed."

Location Yallingup, Western Australia
Occurred Feb-18-2015
Posted By Porsche Indrisie
Posted On Feb-21-2015