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Maybe Next Year We’ll Buy Daddy a Bigger Dress

Occurred on April 17, 2021 / Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: We were getting ready to meet with our family for Easter dinner and I (mom) was on my phone to let my family know when we were coming when I heard my daughter upset at my husband. I came out and noticed what she was getting upset about and I thought it was very cute. I started filming the video as I knew this was a special little moment between her and her dad.

My daughter was upset that she was wearing a dress but her dad wasn't wearing one and she didn't understand why and wanted him to wear one for dinner. I suggested for her to find a dress for him to wear and she was excited to do so. She picked out a velvety purple dress and handed it over to him which he put over his head and obviously couldn't fit into it. She got upset because she didn't know why it wasn't fitting and said "look at this!" while pointing to how she wears her dress to show dad how to properly put it on. We then mentioned that the dress was too small for dad to wear and I asked her if she wanted mom to wear a dress with her and she replied with a smile and a "yeah."

This video not only became popular due to it being a cute moment between my daughter and her dad, but a lot of people have been mentioning how we're breaking gender norms and how they appreciate us not telling our daughter that "only girls wear dresses, boys don't." We're engaging a lot of people in positive online conversations surrounding that anyone can wear dresses and we should be teaching our kids that everyone can be who they want to be. A lot of people are appreciative of seeing this video and happy with our parenting. TikTok: @nattyandsage
Location Ontario, Canada
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Posted On Apr-27-2022