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Additional Angle of Everest Avalanche

Occurred on May, 2015 / Mount Everest

Info From Licensor: I was at Mt. Everest Base Camp preparing to head for the summit in a few days when I heard/felt the ground shaking. I pulled out my iPhone and filmed roughly 47 seconds of the earthquake, then subsequent avalanche into Base Camp. I was in shock and disbelief during this whole filming ordeal, not being aware that roughly 20 fellow Porters, Sherpas, and Climbers had just died and about 50 had been critically injured in my immediate camp. Immediately after the filming, I and our HIMEX teammates began triage on the dead and wounded at camp for the next 12-24 until rescue helicopters were able to come in and rescue the injured, remove climbers off the mountain, then lastly remove the deceased.
Location Mount Everest
Occurred not known
Posted By Chimu
Posted On May-12-2015


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