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Truck Makes a Mess of the Yard

Occurred on July 26, 2019 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Info from Licensor: This truck came crashing into our yard at a high rate of speed causing massive destruction. The driver fled the scene by driving his damaged truck away. The Oklahoma City Police Department Officers arrested him two blocks away. He was charged with hit and run, public intoxication and several other offenses. He created a large crater in our yard upon impact, destroying our in-ground sprinkler system in the process. He was traveling so fast that he went airborne and landed on a large ceramic garden fountain that we had in the middle of our yard, completely destroying it. He continued on through the yard, flower beds, etc. taking out a giant concrete turtle, flowers, shrubs, garden lights and stone border edging.
Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Occurred Jul-26-2019
Posted By Ron Yerby
Posted On Aug-6-2019


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