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Reckless Driver

Occurred on October 15, 2015 / Columbia, Missouri, USA

Info from Licensor: "I got ahead of the group and continued to cruise, I looked back and everyone had pulled into an apartment complex. When I got there I asked what was going on and he said the guy was driving reckless the second he followed us, tailing them extremely close and about took them out. We asked the guy what his problem was and why he almost killed them back there. The guy just laughed at him while playing on his phone, he said, 'what can I say, I like to drive fast.' He drove over 2 bikes and Coolie's leg, I jumped on the main road as he flew through the apartment complex at 50-60mph. His buddies came out of the complex and gave us all his info, Columbia PD picked him up about 15 minutes later and brought him right back to the scene."

Location Columbia, Missouri, USA
Occurred Oct-15-2015
Posted By Cameron Jones
Posted On Dec-28-2017