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Scary Encounter with Nurse Shark

Occurred on May 31, 2019 / St. John Maho Bay, United States Virgin Islands, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was snorkeling in USVI at Maho Bay watching turtles approximately 300 yards off shore. I was pretty far away from other people in the water and it was approximately 11 A.M. when a nurse shark swam by me. I turned to look for the turtle and when I turned back, the shark was coming right at me. I was trying to swim backwards and not turn my back to the shark. I was really caught off guard because nurse sharks typically do not pay any attention to swimmers or snorkelers. The shark was approximately 6 feet long and was swimming very fast towards me as I continued to swim backwards to get away. The shark finally caught up to me and swam right towards my face. At that moment the only thing I knew to do was to hit the shark with my Go Pro Hero on the head. At that moment the shark seemed to turn away only to come right back at me; this time towards my feet. I was able to kick my feet at the shark and get it to turn again and this time it left. We saw many nurse sharks on our trip while snorkeling and they all stayed towards the bottom and did not seem to pay any attention to me or the rest of my family. This was a very scary moment for me and you can hear me gasp for air in the video."
Location United States Virgin Islands, St. John Maho Bay
Occurred May-31-2019
Posted By Daniel Aquino
Posted On Aug-13-2019