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Fishing Day with Hubert the Frog

Occurred on June, 2020 / London, Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "One summer day, my friends John and Michael asked me to go fishing. We fished on the Thames River in London Ontario. After a few hours, we noticed a frog started to hop over to where we were fishing. After watching it for a few minutes, we came up with the idea to make a mini fishing rod with a stick and some extra fishing line. After doing a little bit of research to ensure it was safe for the frog, we used gloves to carefully sit him up. Once we finished the fishing rod, I decided to film a TikTok video of my friend and I sat beside the frog. Once we became rather familiar with the frog, we decided to name it Hubert! After we filmed, we carefully set him back down, and to our disbelief, he decided to stay and hang out some more! Just like he was one of the boys! We took some of the worms we were using as bait and fed them to him which he thoroughly enjoyed. This was definitely the most memorable event of the summer which my friends and I will cherish forever!"
Location London, Ontario, Canada
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Posted By Dawson Yanoshita
Posted On Sep-22-2020


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