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I Found a Baby Bird in My Wall

Occurred on July 22, 2022 / Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Info from Licensor: "I was in my flat early afternoon and I had heard very loud chirping so I assumed a bird had come in through an open window. I searched every room but the chirping kept fading quieter. I then saw my cat sat looking at the wall near my front door. When I got closer, the chirping got louder and that’s when I realized a bird was trapped in my wall.

The wall next to my door was slightly damaged with a small hole in it so I could hear the bird. I contacted the RSPCA and they had said they can’t do anything about it, so I contacted a tradesman to get it out. They said they couldn't come until the following day; they eventually came 3 days later. I wasn’t happy with the help I received, so I chipped away at the hole in my wall to make it slightly bigger so I could fit my hand in and take the bird out. After a stressful 20 minutes, I managed to get hold of the bird and pull it out. Turns out it was a baby bird (fledgling) which was only a couple weeks old. The birds nest was on top of our roof and had obviously fallen out of the nest into our wall, falling through the flat above us into our wall. Again we called the RSCPA, stating we had got the bird out and it needed help as it’s too young to fend for itself.

The RSPCA basically stated that, because it’s too young, they’d have to put it down or we would just have to leave it outside for it to find it’s own way, which again didn’t settle with me because the bird was too young to protect itself from cats and foxes at night. It was basically a death or death situation. Therefore we decided to look after it until it was strong enough to fly. My partner and I took the bird outside to see if the birds on the roof would come and collect it and unfortunately they didn’t. So we took it inside and fed it and kept it warm until it was strong enough and able to keep itself safe once released."
Location Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Occurred not known
Posted By Laura Shaa
Posted On Aug-22-2022