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Black Bear Goes for a Swim in Koi Pond

Occurred on August 15, 2021 / Flanders, New Jersey, USA

Info from Licensor: "The property where my house resides backs up to is a dense wooded, 800 acres which was previously owned by AT&T. It has a five story, nuclear-proof building underground that was a global microwave communications center during the cold war. After the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union crashed, AT&T had no further use for this property. The 16 acres where the building was had been subdivided and sold to a company that did data storage for many clients. The rest of the land was purchased by the township and left as it was to be a park with a few hiking trails. Over 20 species of mammals from tiny mice to large black bears reside in the park behind my house. I have a 5K gallon koi pond in the back of my property and it has become a water hole for many animals: deer, raccoons, groundhogs, foxes, eastern coyote and a few others. Being a photographer since I was a kid at age 11, (now 76) I have some of the finest photo equipment in production. I have a game camera that is motion sensitive which will capture day or night activity at the pond. Since this camera only will take a 30 second video clip, I needed to edit all the clips for this video. This bear has destroyed my pond several times, but it is darn cute. Recently, it had a cub with it. They raided my bird feeder, then took a swim. I only got the seed feed and not the swim."
Location Flanders, New Jersey, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Robert Behrent
Posted On Aug-21-2022