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Tiny Difference Between Small and Large

Occurred on January 4, 2019 / Walnut, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was at the local Applebee's having a couple of beers with my friend. When we ordered our last round I got a large beer and she got the small beer. I then remembered hearing in the past that the large beer is pretty much the same amount of beer as the small and figured I would test this theory out. After I let the head die down from the big beer, my friend then poured it into the empty small beer glass. Sure enough, it comes out to almost the same amount and the minimal amount of beer at the bottom of the big glass was not even half a sip. The difference in the amount of beer, which is not much, does not equate to the price difference between the large and small beer"
Location Walnut, California, USA
Occurred Jan-4-2019
Posted By Nicholas Schwarz
Posted On Jan-13-2019