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Don't Brake Check a Semi

Occurred on September 3, 2016 / Jamestown, North Dakota, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was going West on I-94 in North Dakota. A slow-moving farm tractor was using breakdown lane and couple feet of right lane. Traffic was merging to left lane to avoid an accident. I checked my mirror and saw a white pickup about 6 car lengths behind my trailer in the left lane and signaled my intent to move into left lane. I started to slowly move to left and pickup was in a big hurry, he accelerated and moved over the yellow line to make it clearly around my truck and trailer. I moved over to left lane as soon as he cleared as we were upon the farm vehicle at this point. I immediately noticed an extended arm emerge from the drivers side window with the ever so popular " You're Number 1 "signal. (flipping me off as if he was trying to make a bolt of lightning emerge from his raised middle finger.) It seemed he was agitated that I threw my hand up in the window as he passed to show my displeasure at his unsafe and needless overtaking in this situation. I was already eyeing escape route and breaking ability due to the amount of vehicles that were bunching up behind me. There were 3 or 4 semi trucks lined up and followed my path from right to left back to right lane) and a car with a family on my left at the rear corner of my trailer. I moved to right lane and he started break checking. I could not go back to left lane due to car full on corner of trailer and 3 or 4 trucks getting back into throttle to get speed back up. He doubled his breaking efforts. He ran fast to the next exit 1 mile ahead and pulled into a gas station, went around all pumps and parked as if he had been there the whole time. It was a small entrance and exit close enough together that my rig blocked both as I called and waited for highway patrol top come watch my dashcam video you see here. He got 4 tickets and the wrath of my adrenaline filled foul mouth truck driver anger. I was told to have a nice day and I would be clear of any reporting of this on my record."
Location Jamestown, North Dakota, USA
Occurred Sep-3-2016
Posted By John B Smith
Posted On Apr-6-2017


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