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Woman Finds a Scaly Little Stowaway on Husband

Occurred on approximately November 2020 / Newton, Alabama USA

Info from Licensor: "My husband Ron had been sitting outside on the porch and decided to come in and eat dinner. He had no idea that he had a hitch hiker on his back! I knew to calmly get him up and outside without telling him if I wanted to get it outdoors! He knew by the tone of my voice something was wrong so he followed instructions to go outside! Once outside, I tried to tell him it was a lizard in his back, but I couldn’t get the words out because he was freaking out like I knew he would! I laughed till I cried over this one! My husband might be a big guy... but he doesn't like anything crawling or clinging to him! Big boy can move!"

Location Newton, Alabama USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Amie Pollard
Posted On Dec-2-2020