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Twin Boys Have Hilarious Snowball Fight

Occurred on January 4, 2022 / Windsor Mill, Maryland, USA

Info from Licensor: Jerron and Joshua are known as The Hurtt Twins. The boys and their single dad create memories and share them with their virtual family (following). Well, this day the boys went for a walk with their dad and they decided to have a snowball fight. But there was ice everywhere!! There were so many falls, laughs, and hits with snowballs. This video is totally hilarious and also heartwarming. Jerron hit Joshua with a snowball. And showed how their single dad is raising them. He made sure to check on his brother Joshua and made sure he was ok. Before hitting him with another snowball.
Location Windsor Mill, Maryland, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jerron Hurtt
Posted On Jan-12-2022