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Powerful Storm Rampages Through Farm in Maryland

Occurred on July 12, 2022 / Hampstead, Maryland, USA

Info from Licensor: I was outside picking tomatoes for my farm stand (Allview Acres) when the storm hit. It came on extremely fast and with very little warning. The first gust literally took my breath away and nearly knocked me down. Trees instantly started breaking nearby and I watched helplessly as my crops collapsed around me and branches and debris went flying. The wind roared so loud that I didn't know that my neighbors were screaming at me to run until they told me about it later on. It was difficult running against the powerful current, but I made it inside just in time for things to get even worse outside. The power went out and the combination of rain and violent wind made it nearly impossible to see out the window. We rarely get bad storms in Hampstead, so what I was seeing was beyond surreal. I took this quick video because I couldn't believe what was taking place in my yard. I had never experienced anything like it! As soon as I ended the video, something large and loud slammed into the front of the house and there was no denying the fact that things were getting serious. As the storm raged on and more trees came crashing down around the neighborhood, my family and I made a beeline for the basement until the biblical-like weather ceased.

Credit: Chelsea Lowman
Location Hampstead, Maryland, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Chelsea Lowman
Posted On Jul-18-2022