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Trucker Passes on Double Solid Lines, Argument Ensues

Occurred on August 17, 2018 / Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada

Info from Licensor: "I was driving an extended super B which has two trailers and 30 wheels. In all, It's over 100ft long. I had the cruise control set at 95km/h in a 100kmh two-lane highway. I was passed in an intersection by a loaded log truck. my speed was ranging from 90-97kmh, changing over the slight grade changes, while in cruise. Bad words, reckless driving, threats of violence over the radio with lots of 'trucker language'. Still dark just before 6:00 AM, in heavy smoke from wildfires nearby and the log driver becomes aggressive after being high beamed. He aggressively brakes down to 33kmh and for a while, won't accelerate past 60, then swerves wildly across both lanes before stopping all traffic to kick my truck. Unwarranted road rage at 6:00 AM."

Location Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada
Occurred Aug-17-2018
Posted By Gregg Milton
Posted On Sep-24-2018