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Chipmunk Packing Peanuts

Occurred on July 24, 2018 / Aurora, Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "Van Gogh is a wild yet very friendly chipmunk from Ontario, Canada. He visits me every day and as you can see from the video, he is quite the pig. He will stuff as many peanuts possible into his cheeks, then proceed to run down to his burrow behind our yard to store them for later. He will then run back up to me, for some pets/back scratches, inhale more peanuts, and bolt back down to his burrow. This will all be repeated throughout the day so long as I am outside and peanuts are available! This is his second summer coming around, as he hibernates through the cold Canadian winter. He is missing part of his left ear, which is why I decided to name him Van Gogh, after the famous painter."
Location Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Occurred Jul-24-2018
Posted By Alyson Calmusky
Posted On Sep-19-2018