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Siri Drops Sick Drumming Beat

Occurred on March 16, 2019 / Austin, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "The 'Siri what's a 100 trillion to the 10th Power' video has been a trend for a few years now on the internet. People have done arrangements with it in various capacities, including me, but I believe this one is unique and that's why it has performed better. This one is very simplistic. The video starts out with me asking Siri 'if she'll lay a verse down if I give her a beat', then she says 'Go ahead', and then I ask her the question that gives the 'zero, zero, zero, zero' response and then the drumming rendition begins. After a cool stick flip trick, I start playing beats directly on the first 'zero'. The video is well under a minute, straight, and to the point."
Location Austin, Texas, USA
Occurred Mar-16-2019
Posted On Mar-27-2019


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