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Golden Retriever Gives Awkward Grin

Occurred on April 25, 2022 / Seattle, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: "We adopted our Golden Retriever Cali when she was three months old from a young college girl who got her as a gift. She has always been a very odd dog and we joke that she's a human trapped inside of a dog's body. She smiles regularly, but that night she was very awkward and smiley, which I think is why people like the video. She does other very weird things that definitely end up as great content. That night, my wife and I were sitting down on the couch after we put the kids to bed. We had been working all day and hadn't seen Cali so she came up to us very timid and awkward, and I quickly pulled out my phone."
Location Seattle, Washington, USA
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Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-28-2022