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Woman Finally Gets Help Rescuing a Dolphin in Rough Currents

Occurred on April 12, 2023 / Salinas, Santa Elena, Ecuador

Info from Licensor: The video was recorded on the protected beach of La LoberĂ­a in Ecuador, the dolphin was about 30 meters from the shore, so when the video started, the animal had already been able to move most of the way. The adult dolphin weighs 120 kg. There was no one in sight who could provide help, so getting into these waters is not prudent since they are dangerous beaches due to their waves and currents. About 10 minutes later, other people appeared who collaborated with the rescue, and the Dolphin was able to enter deeper water in the end, the Dolphin hydrated, regained strength, and swam out to sea, surviving and returning to freedom.

Location Salinas, Santa Elena, Ecuador
Occurred not known
Posted On Apr-18-2023