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Man Receives EnChroma Glasses for His Birthday

Occurred on April 17, 2020 / Bremerton, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: Vic had a birthday coming up and I wanted to get him something extra special to celebrate his first birthday with me. He had mentioned how he was color blind and I couldn’t believe he had never seen color. He told me how being color bling had held him back in the military and pursuing a career as an electrician.

That is when I started to research color blind glasses and came across EnChroma. I never thought he would have the reaction that he did. Seeing him overjoyed like a child on Christmas warmed my heart. He wears his sunglasses every day - just today in the car I cleaned them off and gave them to him and asked him how he liked the color of my lipstick. Small things like that We wouldn’t experience without EnChroma ❤️.
Location Bremerton, Washington, USA
Occurred Apr-17-2020
Posted By Vic Dalfio
Posted On Aug-17-2020