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Occurred on November 30, 2019 / Sicklerville, New Jersey, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was putting up Christmas lights and talking to my husband on the phone using my AirPods so I could be hands-free. I had a Spiderman inflatable decoration that had to be moved to make room for a new giant LED snowflake. I was able to clip one hand of the Spiderman on the left gutter but had a hard time reaching the right side, so I climbed up one more rung on the ladder and that's when I came crashing down, breaking the ladder with the entire right side of my body and face-planting in the dirt. I was also trying to seem okay in front of my neighbor even though I was in so much pain. My doorbell camera recorded it all."
Location Sicklerville, New Jersey USA
Occurred Nov-30-2019
Posted By Ting Grace
Posted On Dec-6-2019


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