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Dog Takes out Friend During Fetch

Occurred on June 23, 2021 / Kennebunkport, Maine, USA

Info from Licensor: "This video took place in mid-June of this year and features my childhood friend Declan arriving at my house to work out with me and all my friends. After realizing that his car was in the driveway we look outside from the second floor and see him sprawled out on the ground in agony. He soon came inside to tell us that my dog, Nelli, completely took him out when he was trying to throw her a stick. We went back into the camera history and found the time when it all went down. Declan did not tear his ACL and Nelli was completely fine as you see her bring the stick back waiting for him to throw it again."
Location Kennebunkport, Maine, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Logan Strauss
Posted On Jul-13-2021