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Semi Hits Runaway Tire

Occurred on February 16, 2018 / Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Info from Licensor: "There was a dump truck to my left because he had to make a left-hand turn in about half a mile. A runaway semi wheel, complete with tire, veered over toward the dump truck and me from the westbound lanes. I only had time to avoid the wheel. The dump truck did not fare so well because he was not as agile. He took the hit of the wheel I would've faced had he not been there. The wheel rolled under his back wheels, lived the whole back end off the ground, and then the wheel shot back off and landed in the westbound lanes of 266. As far as I know, no one was injured, just shaken up. The dump truck was probably messed up from that though."
Location Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Occurred Feb-16-2018
Posted By Emily D. Spivy
Posted On Feb-21-2018


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