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Popeye the Wiggly Welcoming Committee

Occurred on March 8, 2023 / Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

Info from Licensor: "This was a reunion between my boyfriend and I (13 years of dating) after almost two months without seeing each other (54 days to be exact). Our puppy, Popi or Popeye, also appears, who has been with us for 5 months and has not been separated from us at any time. We thought he wouldn't remember him after so long and being so small, but as soon as he recognized him... he went crazy as you can see. My boyfriend is a sailor in the Spanish Army and works on a submarine. With which he throws himself underwater all the time (except when he makes port in countries like Italy or France). We communicate only by email, so we don't see each other through video calls either. The reunion is always a surprise..."

Location Cartagena, Murcia, Spain
Occurred not known
Posted By Ana Martin Jimenez
Posted On Mar-15-2023