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Wind Gust Sends Tent Into River

Occurred on July 1, 2021 / Alaska, USA

Info from Licensor: "After our first night on our father/son/friend wilderness fly fishing float trip in Alaska, we had found our first gravel bar to camp on at 10:00 PM the night before after traveling all day and taking a floatplane into a lake. There were no other places to camp and this was the only option. The tent was slightly smaller than the gravel bar. After a windy night, we awoke to every crazier winds. We were breaking down camp and pulled the stakes from the tent. We turned the tent on its side to shake out the sand. We sat the tent down to grab the tarp underneath when a 40 MPH gust of wind grabbed the tent tossing it in the river. None of us had our waders on to immediately retrieve it. Eric Neufeld wandered up quickly and chased the tent down saving the day."
Location Alaska, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By John Sherman
Posted On Oct-14-2021


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