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Lemon Shark Stalks Stingray Through Shallow Water

Occurred on April 2022 / Key West, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "One day I (Brett Bertini) pulled up to one of the local Key West Sandbars, which you can only get to by boat. This sandbar in the video is a place we go to frequently. When we arrived we noticed a stingray (a common sight) with a chunk of flesh missing from its face (not as common). The stingray kept coming close to the boat, seeking cover from something. Soon after this, we noticed a large shark fin protruding from the water on the far side of the sandbar, indicating some sort of hunt was occurring. I fired up my drone, took it up, and discovered that 4 lemons sharks were stalking this stingray, and one of them was quite large. The stingray continued wandering around with the sharks on his trail, but nobody was making a move. The stingray was probably smart enough to not make a run for it because sharks typically become more aggressive when prey acts erratically, but the sharks also were hesitant to go in for the kill, probably because they know the stingrays have a deadly barb on their tail for self-defense. Eventually, the largest shark began to follow closer and closer until he finally attempted to eat the ray, unsuccessfully as seen in the video. I followed them around for another 20 minutes or so before having to leave, so I never got to see the climax. But I am sure that eventually the sharks most likely got the kill."

Location Key West, Florida, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Brett Bertini
Posted On Jan-19-2023