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Buncher Machine Lays Down Tree After Tree

Occurred on February 21, 2019 / Fernie, British Columbia, Canada

Info from Licensor: "The machine pictured here is called a buncher. Its sole purpose, as you can see, is simply to cut down trees. This version of a buncher is called a levelling buncher or 'tilter' because the body of the machine can level out when working on steep ground. The make and model of the machine is a TigerCat LX870D and to the best of my knowledge it is the most expensive buncher on the planet. It has what is called a close loop hydraulic system, meaning the different drive motors on the machine all have their own pump, unlike a typical excavator, which shares one set of pumps for the entire machine. This means you can operate all the separate functions simultaneously without it slowing down, essentially making it one of the fastest track based machines out there. In the video, the machine is working in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada in about 4 feet of snow."
Location Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
Occurred Feb-21-2019
Posted By Nicholas bredt
Posted On Apr-18-2019