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Chelsea and Jessica Marriage Proposal at The Art Institute of Chicago

Occurred on December 17, 2016 / Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois USA

Info: "After falling in love on Tumblr in 2012, dealing with long-distance, and finally moving to Chicago together in 2015, Jessica decided to pop THE question. With the help of her law school friends set up a surprise marriage proposal. She tricked Chelsea into thinking she was attending a gala our friend Holly was volunteering for. The day before we went shopping at akira, and dressed up as we usually do for artsy dates. We braved the snow and showed up to the museum. A lot of the staff was already in the loop. We walked to the sculptures where people traffic was low. Jessica began to describe to Chelsea why she was brought here and the relationship between art and their love. She followed by pointing to Chelsea to turn around and see a big banner reading "Chelsea Miller Will You Marry Me." Jessica then got on one knee and showed her the gorgeous rose gold, purple sapphire ring from Helzberg. Shocked Chelsea said yes and the gallery erupted in claps and cheers. Jessica's brother that night posted a photo on twitter where a woman can be seen extremely moved and happy to be witnessing Jessica & Chelsea's proposal. The photo immediately stole the internet's hearts and went viral. Since then, the couple has not stopped receiving requests for interviews and even wedding services as gifts."
Location Chicago, Illinois USA
Occurred Dec-17-2016
Posted On Dec-22-2016


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