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Snake in Ceiling Fan Crashes Wedding Anniversary Party

Occurred on May 12, 2018 / Waco, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "We were out celebrating my parent's 25th wedding anniversary at Backyard Bar and Grill. While talking and having a good time, my uncle noticed the snake in the ceiling fan. He told my dad that it was kind of odd to have a snake in a ceiling fan, so he even wondered if it was real! My uncle ended up leaving and my dad decided to just keep an eye on it. He moved over a table where my other family members were sitting, which was right next to the table the ceiling fan with the snake was over. My dad finally told my aunt,'Hey that snakes head just moved, you might want to be careful', after that she got up and used my grandma's cane to poke at it and it did not budge, so we figured it was fake. She decided to keep poking and to poke the head and the head moved! Right then, we knew it was real. That is when some of the workers came to take down the snake. The guy that took it down did a great job. He got bit, but he was okay! They relocated the little slithering snake and we continued to celebrate my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. It was great excitement to our evening."
Location Waco, Texas, USA
Occurred May-12-2018
Posted By Amy Palacios
Posted On May-15-2018