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Close Lightning Strike Causes Screaming

  • Cleared
Occurred on May 9, 2024 / Quang Ninh, Vietnam Info: "I was recording a short clip of a torrential rain to create a chilling content for my TikTok channel when lightning struck the front yard o..
Location Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Occurred May-9-2024
Posted By
Posted On May-14-2024

Cat Enjoys Swinging

  • Cleared
Occurred on November 1, 2023 / Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China Info: The video shooter discovered a cat playing with exercise equipment. The cat's body is on the pedals, but its tail constantly rub..
Location Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China
Occurred Nov-1-2023
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On May-10-2024

Star Wars Fan Takes Out Snowman

  • Cleared
Occurred on April 18, 2024 / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Info from Licensor: "Destroying a snowman with a Lightsaber. Due to a mid-spring snowfall here in Saskatchewan Canada, as a StarWar..
Location Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Occurred not known
Posted By Damian Grujic
Posted On May-6-2024

Bands Comically Constrict Ears

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 2024 / USA Info from Licensor: "This is my content, I hope you like that."..
Location USA
Occurred Mar-1-2024
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-19-2024

Toddler is Content in Air Jail

  • Cleared
Occurred on January 16, 2024 / Pennsylvania, USA Info from Licensor: "My 1-year-old son Jojo didn’t want to come inside from playing in the snow. I had a full hand of groceries and he decided..
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Occurred not known
Posted On Jan-22-2024

Contention Over Neighbor's Leaf Containment

  • Cleared
Occurred on November 19, 2023 / Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, USA Info from Licensor: "Don't be a Larry! Larry threw leaves over my fence and I decided to call some friends and send them bac..
Location Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Nov-24-2023

GRAPHIC CONTENT - Man Kills Cougar Defending Dog

  • Cleared
Occurred on September 22, 2021 / West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Info from Licensor: "I was on the way home from fighting forest fires up Bear Main forest service road in West Kelowna...
Location West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Occurred Sep-22-2021
Posted By Stuart McQueen
Posted On Sep-30-2021

Milo vs Wilbur Guinea Pig Parsley Eating Content

  • Cleared
Occurred on March 15, 2024 / San Francisco, California, USA Info from Licensor: Challenger Wilbur is determined to beat reigning champ Milo in the much anticipated Guinea Pig Parsley Eating Contest..
Location San Francisco, California, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Teresa Shore
Posted On Mar-19-2024