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About Us
At ViralHog, we are proud to have licensed over 60,000 videos to date, creating a vast library of content that caters to a variety of needs. Our collection includes brand-safe, advertiser-safe, and family-friendly entertainment, as well as a substantial archive of newsworthy content.

Every year, we collaborate with more than 700 licensors, ranging from major news networks and large websites to social media publishers, advertising campaigns, TV and streaming shows, and small, one-off projects. Our reach is global, thanks to our dedicated Research team, who work tirelessly across various locations worldwide to discover and license content from diverse markets.

We take pride in our customer service, staffed by real humans who are always reachable by email and phone to address any questions or concerns. Our Licensing department specializes in custom licensing requests and briefs, ensuring we meet the specific and bulk content needs of our clients.

Our proactive Rights Management team diligently monitors and enforces the copyrights of our clients, safeguarding their interests. Additionally, our strong social media presence, with over 23,000,000 followers on YouTube and 4,700,000 on Facebook, reflects our widespread influence and engagement.

We are committed to providing top-quality content and exceptional service to all our clients.

Our origin story

It all began with a bear and a trash can in New Jersey...

It sounds like the opening line to a good book, right? Instead, it's the opening line to an innovative business breakthrough. But first, let's give a bit of context to our story. Before ViralHog became a thriving video powerhouse, it was just a group of people coming together to establish something spectacular.

Entrepreneur Ryan Bartholomew began his journey in viral videos long before online videos became popular. As the very first customer of Google AdWords, Ryan learned the benefits and drawbacks of earning a living online and pioneered a new avenue for generating income using Google tools. Before long, Ryan and a partner were creating their own innovative video tools and navigating a pre-YouTube viral arena. The need to protect video content and the revenue that could be generated by that content made licensing an absolute imperative to prevent theft and protect industry growth. It was in this environment that the owners and investors of ViralHog came together to form a company that would meet the needs of amateur videographers all over the world.

So back to the bear...

As the pieces of ViralHog were coming together in theory and practice, the partners acquired the video rights to a home video depicting a bear walking upright hunting for trash in New Jersey. They immediately went to work to sell the video, working literally 24 hours a day to make it happen. This commitment paid off and set the tone for the company’s mission from that day forward. Huge video submissions kept coming, and media outlets from all over the world started requesting ViralHog's services.

Maybe you’ve seen the bear video that marked ViralHog’s entry into the world, or maybe you’ve seen "kangaroo punch," "duck army," "yodel boy," or any of the exceptional videos ViralHog has represented over the years. If so, it was because of the unrelenting work by ViralHog staff on behalf of videographers worldwide.

ViralHog has grown from a two-employee company in 2014 to an agile media powerhouse with dozens of global team members today, all without sacrificing its focus on superb customer service, independence, and consistent profitability.

As ViralHog becomes the leading resource for video monetization, we will continue to value customer satisfaction as much as the revenue we generate for our clients.

So please, keep the content coming!
Our Mission
To give everyday people the ability to promote, protect, and profit from videos

Our Values
Personalized Service

We do everything in our power to make sure all parties are satisfied with their ViralHog experience


We stay light on our feet in order to meet the changing demands (and whims) of our industry

We work closely with each other and with our media partners to maximize video exposure

We don’t try to be anything other than what we, creative people who work diligently in the viral video world
Meet Our Team

Brent M.

Boss Hog
Ryan Bartholomew

Boss Hog
Justin Martin

Head of Rights Management
William Lowden

Rights Management III- Operations Analyst
Steven Tringali

Rights Management Specialist II
Liezl Barribeau

Rights Management Specialist II
Hannah Bynum

Head of Licensing & Sales
Taylor Stanley

Licensing Account Specialist II
Ari Beighley

Licensing Account Specialist
Zoey Wade

Licensing Account Specialist
Jolene Stetz

Head of Content
Jessica Hilgendorf

Content Editor
Max Diamond

Head of Video Acquisitions & Customer Services
Chris Thomas

Lead Video Acquisitions Specialist
Caleb Wolfe

Research and Acquisitions Specialist
McKayla Landreth

Video Acquisitions & Customer Service Specialist
Carla Rodick

Research and Acquisitions Specialist
Kellie Veltri

Research and Acquisitions Specialist
Leah Figon

Accounts Receivable
Madison Acuff

Accounts Payable
Josh Moller

Head of Engineering
Abbey Hustis

Software Engineer I
Cole Phares

Software Engineer I
Todd Hayes

IT Manager
Brent Northcutt

DevOps Engineer
Tabitha Collins

Director of Human Resources

Chief Morale Officer

Accounts Retrievable

Positivity Coordinator
Meet Our International Research Team
Alex Chita

Alex Ladygin

Ivan Russu

Johnny da Cunha

Lua Rodrigues Vieira Simao

Rodolfo Buaiz

Thien Hoang

Vlad Garkavenko

Snezhana Shultz

Alan Oshita

Eugene Boyko

Tainara Schnaider

Jacob Dawn

Costel Oprea

Federico Cornetto

Ramon Schnaider

Alex Soler

Laura Popescu

Sabrina Baransk

Monica Arevalo

Aida Lloga

Charlotte Stevens

Eleonora Mazzarella

Kingson Chin

Sergey Bezberdy

Patrizio Alessi

Abigail Azares

Carla Rodick